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Save the date: Jan. 14, 2016 at Der Dutchman in Belleville, Ohio

Congratulations to all of our Building Awards Winners for their outstanding work.  We encourage all BFBA members to submit nominations for the Buckeye Building Awards.  Keep an eye out this fall for the 2015 Award entry forms.   They will be mailed to your shop and will be available on the BFBA website.  Thank you.

The Buckeye Frame Building Association members are the experts in post frame construction. When investing in a building, you want to ensure you’re getting a structure that is technologically sound, long-lasting, and versatile. That choice is post frame. There’s no better value for your investment.

Post frame construction is truly wood construction, featuring diaphragm design methods, metal plate connected wood roof trusses and shear walls.

Why post frame?

  • Increased energy efficiency. Wood has natural insulating properties and the frame provides space for virtually any type of high R-value insulation.

  • Wide-range of attractive and flexible design features, incorporating many types of building materials in a structure.

  • Provides more strength and structural integrity for your building dollar. Less maintenance is required.

Post frame construction is flexible and can be used for building a variety of structures:

  • Agricultural facilities: farm storage; dairy and loafing barns; horse barns; and environmentally-controlled livestock and layer housing.
  • Commercial / Retail
  • Residential
  • Garages
  • Public Buildings / Schools
  • Retrofit
  • Remodel

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