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February 2016 OSHA Update
Gary Auman of Dunlevey, Mahan & Furry

The focus of this article is your safety program and its enforcement. But, before I get into that I would like to revisit something I have mentioned previously as the impact of it has changed. I have reported in the past that OSHA has issued a letter of interpretation (LOI) regarding the use of extension cords. When I discussed this with some clients their reaction was to “wait and see.” They took this approach because they viewed the LOI as a narrow document that would be limited to the company that requested the interpretation. Well, OSHA has spoken with actions, not words. I have been advised that the Columbus Area Office of OSHA has recently issued citations to an Indiana subcontractor and an Ohio contractor for violations of 29 CFR 1926.403(b)(2). This section requires that all electrical equipment shall be used in accordance with all labels. If you will recall the LOI stated that if extension cords were labeled so as to prohibit their being used in series with other extension cords, OSHA would cite employers for not complying with those labeling requirements. So, I believe we now have evidence that OSHA is not restricting enforcement of this standard and/or the LOI to just the company that asked the question, but to all employers.

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The Buckeye Frame Building Association members are the experts in post frame construction. When investing in a building, you want to ensure you’re getting a structure that is technologically sound, long-lasting, and versatile. That choice is post frame. There’s no better value for your investment.

Post frame construction is truly wood construction, featuring diaphragm design methods, metal plate connected wood roof trusses and shear walls.

Why post frame?

  • Increased energy efficiency. Wood has natural insulating properties and the frame provides space for virtually any type of high R-value insulation.

  • Wide-range of attractive and flexible design features, incorporating many types of building materials in a structure.

  • Provides more strength and structural integrity for your building dollar. Less maintenance is required.

Post frame construction is flexible and can be used for building a variety of structures:

  • Agricultural facilities: farm storage; dairy and loafing barns; horse barns; and environmentally-controlled livestock and layer housing.
  • Commercial / Retail
  • Residential
  • Garages
  • Public Buildings / Schools
  • Retrofit
  • Remodel

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