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FREE Webinar (5/27): Maximizing the CARES Act Incentives

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Maximizing The CARES Act Incentives


FREE Webinar

Thursday, May 27, 2021
11:30 AM Eastern / 10:30 AM Central


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I think we have all heard about the latest round of CARES Act Incentives, but do we really understand what is available to us?  It seems that many of our firms assume they do not qualify for any benefits because they do not meet the requirement of experiencing at least a 50% reduction in year over year gross receipts.  The important part of this Act is that the criteria to be eligible is much broader and, based on information we have received, we estimate that most of our member firms would be eligible.  The other important consideration is the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) part of the Act’s benefits.  This is not a loan under the PPP.  It is a direct refund of your payroll taxes for up to 50% of wages paid.

BFBA has asked One Digital and Synergi Partners, who are specialist consultants in the field, and from whom we have received the information referred to above,  to provide an educational session giving an overview of the Act and details on Employer qualification for benefits, in both PPP and ERC.

The primary purpose of this program is to educate our members on potential benefits that their firm would be qualified to receive.

One Digital and Synergi Partners does provide a consulting service for a fee that can assist Employers in receiving their maximum benefit, but there is no obligation to our members to use these services.

As always, we are happy to introduce One Digital and Synergi Partners to our members. If you (our members) chose to use their services, we do want you, our members, to review their contract for services, the same as we recommend for use of any of our service providers.

As with all other seminars provided by BFBA concerning COVID 19, there is no charge for this session.


You Must Be Registered In Advance!

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Mike Sessor of One Digital will be the moderator for this webinar. If you want more information about the services of One Digital and Synergi Partners, please reach out to Mike (330) 966-9810



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